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SNAP Appeal Attorney – Reverse Your Disqualification

There are many programs administered by the federal government. One of the most important is what is known formally as SNAP. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is also known to many grocery store owners and users as food stamps. These payments are all about helping people feed their families. One of the many things that is true about SNAP is that it requires the help of retailers to make it work.

Grocery store owners can apply to the federal government to participate in this program and accept payments. In doing so, they are entrusted with making sure the program is used as intended by recipients. The decision to accept food stamps as a form of payment has lots of advantages. It opens up a whole new world of clients who can now pay their personal food bills. At the same time, there are certain issues that can arise when agreeing to take such payments. Many of the rules that govern food stamp use are complicated.

Federal Oversight

In order to make sure that food stamps are being used as intended, the federal government has set up a process where they examine the grocery stores where they are used directly. This process typically means that someone will visit your store to make sure no one is violating any laws governing food stamp use there. Given how complex the use of SNAP payments can be, in many instances a grocery store owner or their employee can make minor mistakes when it comes to enforcing rules onsite. Any violation of SNAP rules carries with it potentially serious penalties.

If a violation of any kind is noted by the inspector, they will begin to take action. For example, they will send out what is known as a USDA letter. This not an ordinary letter. The letter indicates that the government believes something is amiss in your store and they have the evidence to back up this assertion. The letter can indicate all sorts of potential penalties that may follow in the aftermath of such allegations. For example, you may have your EBT Retailer application denied. The letter can also indicate that a grocery store owner is facing a suspension from the program. The letter can indicate exactly how long this suspension is expected to last. That can range from a few weeks, six months or even many years. The letter may also indicate a much larger program. For example, the feds may be trying to permanently disqualify the store owner from owning a store that participates in this program or even being part of such a store by working as a manager for another person.

A Serious Issue

On the surface, this letter sounds very scary. That is because it is a very serious issue. At the same time, just because the federal government has evidence does not mean that such charges will stick. Even if you have been disqualified from accepting SNAP payments, that does not mean the verdict is final. In many cases, it is possible to find help. A store owner can have a skilled attorney on their side. The lawyer can help them develop a strategy to respond to such allegations. They can also help them appeal these allegations and get right back in business. It is important to have an attorney who knows the program and understands how to work it and with their retail clients.

Acting Quickly

Acting as fast as possible is imperative. Once the federal government sends out a letter of this kind, this means they are making plans to get you out of the program for at least a short period. The letter may also indicate a total disqualification is in the works. Any letter should be read carefully and closely. All such letters are sent via certified mail. This means the government is trying to get your attention. They want you to be aware they think you are violating the law. A store owner typically has only ten days in which to respond to any letter about potential misuse of food stamp payments. Keep in mind there are steps you can take right now. You can reach to a lawyer who will expect your options to you and come up with a plan to dispute these charges.

Your attorney will ask for what is known as an administrative review. This is a process that allows any retailer to ask for a greater examination of the charges. An administrative review applies to any kind of SNAP penalties including a temporary suspension as well as any fines for selling items not allowed under the terms of the program. All retailer store owners should also understand that any kind of temporary suspension from this program can ultimately turn into a much longer disqualification period. Any kind of disqualification, even for a few weeks, can severely impact your business and make it harder to function in the long run. This can lead to a massive loss of revenues that can make it hard to stay in business.

This is why you need to act quickly as doing so can impede your ability to participate in a large program that many people rely on to feed their families. A retailer who is unable to part of the SNAP program can find it very hard to serve a significant percentage of their client base. All grocery store owners should also keep in mind that in many instances, the feds may react in haste. Any sort of penalty of this kind should be fought. The attorney will work closely with you to examine all of your records and see exactly what kind of allegations have been made.

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