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Our goal is simple: helping clients regain control. If you're accused of SNAP fraud, you need to speak to a SNAP violation lawyer to understand what's being alleged.

To put it lightly, SNAP violations should be taken seriously. Business owners who ignore snap violation letters, or don’t take this issue seriously, often end up losing their business. Most businesses rely immensely on EBT in order to survive. If you ignore the SNAP violation letter, it’s likely the USDA will permanently, or temporarily, suspend you. Even if you’re temporarily suspended, it’ll be for a long enough period of time that it seriously harm your business.

At Spodek Law Group, we help clients with everything from compliance to judicial appeals, as well as SNAP suspension, and disqualification. If you don’t take action, you’ll likely suffer. The U.S. Code and Code of Federal Regulations have specific rules which govern the use of EBT cards, and retail stores. Enforcement is carried out by the FNS, a division of the USDA.

In many of these cases, store owners are adhering to guidelines – yet are still accused of violating the law. You cannot sell goods like gemstones, alcohol“>alcohol”>alcohol”>alcohol”>alcohol”>alcohol”>alcohol”>alcohol, etc. The FNS will send a snap violation letter to you. If your store gets one of these investigation letters, you only have 10 days to respond. It’s critical you contact us. We service clients nationwide, ranging from Los Angeles to New York.

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The Spodek Law Group understands how serious snap violations can be. If you get a SNAP fraud letter, it might mean that an investigation has already happened. Sometimes the USDA will send investigators to your store, and entrap your employees into making a mistake and selling you goods. In other cases, the USDA uses algorithms to see which type of products you're selling - and to see if those products are allowed. Usually the SNAP investigation begins with a complaint, or review of your records. It's likely that the FNS will find evidence which supports your case.

SNAP Violation Lawyer

  • The Spodek Law Group treats each and every case uniquely. It means there is no cookie cutter approach to snap violations. It’s this unique approach that allows us to find ways to get your case dismissed, and to find reasonable outcomes to situations that are complicated. If you accept EBT payments, at some point you could get a snap violation letter for 100’s of transactions which the USDA believes are fraudulent. They will all be listed in the letter. When this happens, you should contact us for a risk free consultation. When you get a snap violation letter, you get 10 days to respond to the USDA snap violation letter. If you don’t respond in 10 days, the USDA will either suspend or terminate your ability to accept EBT benefits.
  • Most recently, there has been an intense crackdown on SNAP violations, and fraud EBT transactions. To help you understand the consequences of a SNAP violation, you should speak to a SNAP violation lawyer today. Each state has a SNAP program, but it’s a nationwide program run by the US government. The program is enforced by the USDA and FNS. The FNS has a team of 100 analysts and investigators across the USA who ensure compliance to the SNAP guidelines. They are constantly analyzing retailer data, and conduct investigations. They also process cases, and fine retailers who are guilty. The FNS also works with state enforcement officers and conduct sting operations in order to prevent snap trafficking.


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